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Lee Jung Ha: Korean Entertainment’s Rising Star with Unimaginable Dedication

Korean entertainment star Lee Jung Ha is rising in popularity for his portrayal in Disney+’s MOVING. After debuting on August 9, this science-fiction drama has topped Disney+’s original series ratings in five Asian regions with its first seven episodes.

MOVING is a hit because to both established Korean actors and actresses and newcomers like Lee Jung Ha. He plays Kim Bong Seok, Han Hyo Joo’s kid, who has superhuman skills including flying and enhanced sensory awareness in this series. His mother wants to hide his abilities to protect him, even if she doesn’t control them. Lee Jung Ha has captivated audiences with his lovable comic flair and unshakable commitment.

Do you know the young actor behind the character? Lee Jung Ha’s fascinating profile deserves more exploration.

Lee Jung Ha’s Interesting Profile

Lee Jung Ha (Lee Kwan Min) is a patriotic South Korean born February 23, 1998. Although nothing is known about his older sister, he attended Dong Seoul University and majored in Visual Communication Design, like another famous actor, Seo Kang Jun.

Early Hopes

Lee Jung Ha wanted to be a K-Pop idol before becoming an actor. He became a JYP Entertainment idol trainee to achieve this desire. He entered THE UNIT, a competitive idol survival programme, in 2017 to become a K-Pop idol.

However, dreams sometimes provide unexpected obstacles. Lee Jung Ha’s desire of K-Pop fame was tested as he placed 13th and risked elimination early in the programme. The intense trainee competition was difficult. Though disappointing, this setback changed his career.

Lee Jung Ha’s Acting Debut

Lee Jung Ha remained passionate about K-Pop despite his failure. After leaving THE UNIT, he bravely joined Namoo Actors a year later. In HEART ATTACK WARNING (2017), Namoo Actors’ Lee Jung Ha made his acting debut. He landed prominent parts in web dramas like WANT MORE 19 (2018) and FRESHMAN (2019) within a year after his acting debut.

He made his sageuk debut in ROOKIE HISTORIAN GOO HAE RYUNG the same year. Despite his supporting role, he worked with Cha Eun Woo and Shin Se Kyung in this drama as Kim Chi Guk.

Moments of Success and Fame

The 2020 drama RUN ON changed Lee Jung Ha’s career. In this drama, he played a supporting role with Shin Se Kyung and gained popular notice. Lee Jung Ha’s fame grew after this series ended. In the drama NEVERTHELESS (2021), he played Kim Eun-Ham with Han Soo Hee, solidifying his career.

The Moving Change

The anticipated drama MOVING (2023) reunited Lee Jung Ha with Han Hyo-Joo and Kim Do Hoon two years after NEVERTHELESS. In this series, he faced a unique obstacle that showed his dedication to his work. After a severe diet, he gained 30 kilogrammes to play “Kim Bong Seok.” He has become one of Korea’s greatest emerging talents due to his hard work, commitment, and popular appreciation.

Finally, Lee Jung Ha’s path from K-Pop popularity to acting shows his unwavering devotion and enthusiasm for the industry. Lee Jung Ha is a rising star in Korean entertainment who will shine even brighter due to his skill and dedication.